Fall is for Families

Ordinarily, during this time of year, we crave warmth, hot chocolate, and quality family time. This year, especially, a lot of us will finally reunite with our loved ones after such a long, (and mostly) terrifying hiatus.

I wrote the following poem that expresses my joy during this season of renewal. The chatter of family, friends, neighbors, and laughter of happy children always has the power to lift my spirits, if I let it.

Here's the poem, which is featured in the "Best Presents" Holiday card:


After it snows and the sleds start to slow
It’ll be time for hot chocolate and off to bed they’ll go…

After the tiny voices hush to a full and peaceful stop
We’ll gather hidden, unwrapped gifts and on the couch we’ll surely plop…

After a few hours of a virtual meetup and completing Santa’s endless tasks
We’ll reminisce about wild parties and being the ones to leave last

After an hour of sleep in the morning, the kids will happily scream and run
We’ll watch them open their gifts, excited and ready for fun

After things quiet down, we’ll say to ourselves, “Mama, job well done.”
Lost nothing from the past, look at the wonderful presents we’ve won.

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