Three Sweet and Simple Reasons Why You Should Buy My Greeting Cards and Paintings

My story begins in a catholic school. Well, more like at a nature preserve that my sixth-grade teacher, Sister Sandra, took our class to visit. That is where and why I fell in love with writing poetry and writing, in general.

After watching turtles swim in a cloudy pond and frogs leap from lily pad to reeds, I went home and told my parents and sister, as I often told them everything, about my green adventure. My sister helped me with my assignment later that night, which was to write haiku poems that included observations of the nature preserve.

It was quite the challenge to conform to haiku rules and still be able to make nature interesting and fun, but it ignited in me a lifelong passion for word play, and it was also the first time I asked myself the eternal question that all writers end up asking themselves: What in the world will I write about next?

Over the years, the answer to that question has become love, always. The love that I have for my family and the love that they have for me. (And, romantic love, too.) I feel inspired to embrace all aspects of my creativity as a way to live in that very same love.

I hope that my cards and paintings will inspire you to live in love too, and here are three reasons I am confident that they will.

  1. Original art that speaks to everyone. Art is all around us. My paintings, inspired by original poems featured in the cards, highlight the beauty in everyday life. Balloons, carousels, children playing, brownstones covered in snow, a crowded New York City bar/restaurant and more are all subjects that you’ll see in the cards.
  1. Original poems that say a lot more than generic cards. I, myself, have spent too much time searching for the right card that says something more than just the usual. I take the time to write sincere, relatable poetry. Some lines are light-hearted and fun, while some are more sentimental and speak to your heart.
  1. Unique cards that address “unique” situations. Maybe you have a father that left but came back a few years later, a family member that’s more like a friend, or a coworker that works late in the office, even during the holidays. These are not unique situations, but do you see any drug store greeting cards that address them? My cards address all these instances and more.